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Country Code : +39
International Call Prefix : 00

Numbering plan
Telephone numbers in Italy changed to a closed telephone numbering plan in 1998. The plan which had originally been advertised in early 1998 was to merge the trunk code '0' into subscribers' landline numbers effective June 19, 1998, and then to replace that leading '0' with a '4' starting from December 29, 2000. As a result of this change, all landline numbers would begin with a '4', and mobile phone numbers with a '3'. Other initial digits had been reserved for different special purposes. It was later decided that landline numbers should still begin with a '0', unlike in the closed numbering plans of many other countries. E.g. a land line number in Rome:
06 xxxx xxxx (within Rome - after 1999)
06 xxxx xxxx (within Italy) +39 06 xxxx xxxx (outside Italy - after 1998)

Calls to mobile phone numbers within Italy were also affected, deleting the previously used trunk code '0'. International calls to Italian mobile phone numbers were not affected. E.g. for former Omnitel, now Vodafone provider in Italy:

0347 xxx xxxx (within Italy - before 1999) 347 xxx xxxx (within Italy - after 1999) +39 347 xxx xxxx (outside Italy - both before and after 1999)

Landline numbers (area code+exchange+number) are generally 9 or 10 digits long, although they can be as little as 6 or as many as 11 digits. Mobile numbers are always 10 digits long, with the only exception of very old TIM numbers, which are 9 digits long (though those are now extremely rare).

Mobile telephones
Mobile phone number in Italy: without a zero, started with a 3.
3xx xxx xxxx (within Italy and San Marino) +39 3xx xxx xxxx (from the rest of the world)
San Marino
Until 1996, San Marino was part of the Italian numbering plan, using the Italian area code 0549 but in that year it adopted its own country code 378. However, instead of using international dialing codes, dialing arrangements between San Marino and Italy continued as before. In 1998, San Marino incorporated the 0549 area code into its subscribers' numbers, following the Italian format:
0549 xxx xxx (San Marino from Italy) +378 0549 xxx xxx (San Marino from rest of the world) +39 0549 xxx xxx (San Marino via Italy)
Vatican City
Similarly, Vatican City is assigned country code 379. However, Vatican City is still reached via the Italian numbering plan. Telephone numbers in the Vatican City are similar to telephone numbers in Rome, with "698" following the "06" for Rome.
06 698x xxxx (Vatican City from Italy)
+39 06 698x xxxx (Vatican City from rest of the world)
List of codes
00- international access code (+)
00800- toll free (international)
0- geographical (local and national) phone numbers
010 - Genoa
011 - Turin
0122 - Sestrieres, Bardonecchia and other Susa Valley mountain resorts
0125 - Ivrea
0131 - Alessandria
0141 - Asti
015 - Biella
0161 - Vercelli
0165 - Aosta, Courmayeur
0166 - Cervinia
0171 - Cuneo
0185 - Tigullio
0187 - La Spezia and Cinque Terre
019 - Savona
02 - Milan
030 - Brescia
031 - Como
0321 - Novara
0331 - Varese
0341 - Lecco
0342 - Sondrio
035 - Bergamo
0369 - Mediaset Cologno Monzese and Segrate TV studios, geographical rate (used for polls, television programs, etc.)
0376 - Mantua
0382 - Pavia
039 - Monza
040 - Trieste
041 - Venice
0425 - Rovigo
0432 - Udine
0444 - Vicenza
045 - Verona
0461 - Trento
0471 - Bolzano
0481 - Gorizia
049 - Padua
050 - Pisa
051 - Bologna
0522 - Reggio nell'Emilia
0523 - Piacenza
0532 - Ferrara
0541 - Rimini
0549 - San Marino (Most Serene Republic of San Marino)
055 - Florence
0573 - Pistoia
0577 - Siena
0586 - Livorno
059 - Modena
06 - Rome (including State of Vatican City)
070 - Cagliari
071 - Ancona
075 - Perugia
0769 - RAI Saxa Rubra Studios, geographical rate (used for polls, television programs, etc.)
0789 - Olbia and Costa Smeralda
079 - Sassari
080 - Bari
081 - Naples
0823 - Caserta
0824 - Benevento
0825 - Avellino
085 - Pescara
0865 - Isernia
0871 - Chieti
0872 - Lanciano
0873 - Vasto
0874 - Campobasso
0875 - Termoli
0881 - Foggia
089 - Salerno
090 - Messina
091 - Palermo
095 - Catania
0961 - Catanzaro
0965 - Reggio di Calabria
0971 - Potenza
099 - Taranto
0878- mass calls phone number (polls, television programs, etc.), max. 0.66€+0.23€/min
1- Service and emergency numbers
112 general emergency, police (Carabinieri)
113 police (Polizia)
115 fire (Vigili del Fuoco)
117 Italian Customs/Financial/Border Police Guardia di Finanza
118 ambulance
12xx telephone number services
144- premium rate, max. 0.07€+1.31€/min
15xx other emergency and information services
1515 fire, forest and environemental emergency (Corpo Forestale dello Stato)
1518 road information service (CCISS)
1530 on sea emergency and assistance, "blue" number (Capitaneria di Porto)
166- premium rate, max. 0.07€+1.31€/min
178- personal number, max. 0.15€+0.35€/min
18- client services
19- client services
199- personal number, max. 0.12€+0.26€/min
2- reserved for future purposes
3xx- mobile phones
4- internal phone net service numbers
5- reserved for future purposes
6- reserved for future purposes
70x- internet access numbers
7xx- internet service numbers
8- special rate numbers
80x- toll free (within Italy)
84x- shared rate (information services), max. 0.10€+local rate/min
89x- premium rate (informational and adult services)
892- premium rate, max. 0.30€+1.50€/min
9- reserved for future purposes
It is to be noted that this numbering plan doesn't strictly follow the boundaries of the provinces and city areas in order to solve in a simple way some technical constraints. So, for example, the geographical province of Avellino has two main prefixes (0825 and 0827) but also some common land with other prefixes like 0824 for San Martino Valle Caudina and 081 as for Baiano.
"Un elenco (parziale) delle tariffe da telefono fisso" (in Italian). .
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